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Legase, Original Multi Media Project

A multimedia project consists of printed book and website about adventure in fantasy world. The website is currently live at
ファンタジー世界のメディアミックスプロジェクト(アートブック、ウェブサイト)。ウェブサイトは に公開しています。


Graphic Design, Illustrator, Website, Product Design


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

My last project in school was created by the Legase group with Elvin and Michelle. My role here as project manager, editor, and the website developer is to make sure that Elvin as the main concept artist and leader while Michelle as the character artist stays within the concept that was discussed beforehand.

The project started with world-building and character creation of the world. The history from the world creation until the current era, until the culture of the society in the story, is discussed. After that starts the work for the artists to start drawing the rough concept art, each finished art was given to me to be edited and prototyped into the book that was going to be printed. After we all agree on the prototype I edited the finished art into a page that's ready to be printed. Sometimes the art needs heavy editing to fit the styles of the book.

After most of the book is finished I get into work into building the website. The website is a static website that I hosted on GitHub with basic HTML CSS and Javascript(Jquery).

This project got an honorable mention from Kyoto Computer Gakuin.

For my team member contact, Elvin (Instagram) and Michelle (Instagram).

Work time: 8 months ('20 June - '21 January)