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Neboke no Hibi

A short stop motion film based on character designed by a classmate at Kyoto Computer Gakuin


Animation, Sculpting, Video


Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Dragonframe

"This is the story of Neboke, an alarm clock that always oversleeps and fails to wake his owner up. One day, the owner brought home a new alarm clock, Dejike. Dejike was able to perform his task as an alarm clock perfectly. But, on this particular night before the important morning for the owner, Dejike has run out of battery. Neboke noticed this and tried his hardest to wake up the owner. In the end, the owner noticed Neboke's hard work and thanked Neboke."

This project started with the submission of character design by a classmate in Kyoto Computer Gakuin. After revisions to simplify the Neboke design for animation purposes and making another character called Dejike, I started sculpting the head from thick foam and white clay and painted it with acrylic paint. The creative design of the eyes and the cheeks allows me to express a lot of emotion in the story.

I captured every single movement with a camera and software called Dragonframe and edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro. All the sound created in the video is my voice after high pitch editing.

Work time: 4 months ('19 October - '20 January)
3 months of sculpting and character creation.
1 month of animation and video editing.