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Reddit Love Live Community Project

A big commision project from overseas community to Love Live! Fest™ concert


Project Manager, Lead Designer, Graphic design, Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

A big commission project from the overseas community for Love Live! Fest™ concert to show fan appreciation by donating a custom flower stand and a giant custom banner. I was in charge of the overall design, banner design, printing-related management, and cut-out work for flower stand preparation.

The banner was created in collaboration by me and artist Chroneco. I created the background and logo design while all the character illustrations in the banner are created by Chroneco.

The flower stand illustration was created by multiple artists, details can be found here.

Work time : 3 Months ('19 November - '20 January)


Love Live brand and the original character design are owned by KADOKAWA CO., Lantis Ltd., and SUNRISE INC.